Encouraging operators to get earlier tests

Lorrys and minibus being serviced

Encouraging operators to get earlier tests

Over the next few months, DVSA are going to be contacting vehicle operators about their test dates.

As you know, the exemptions we issued last year have changed the testing profile.

This means it looks a bit different in 2021 than it would in a normal year.

The DVSA want to work with vehicle operators to make sure:

  • You have a more balanced testing schedule
  • DVSA get the right levels of staff to you
  • Operators get peace of mind about test availability

How does testing look in 2021?

DVSA knows it’s been a challenging time for the industry and they are grateful for the vital role the operators played in helping to recover the heavy vehicle testing service.

DVSA have been talking to ATFs and operators about what testing demand looks like this year. They know some months will be busier than usual.

April is the first month the DVSA is predicting a higher number of tests compared to a regular testing year.

In February and March, DVSA will be seeing a lower number of tests due to expire than normal.

So if tests are moved into those months, DVSA can provide more certainty to you – and the rest of industry – about meeting the demand in April.

What the DVSA are asking operators to do?

Through there previous messages, DVSA worked with vehicle operators to minimise the number of vehicles coming in early. They wanted to make sure those who needed tests could get them.

DVSA are relaxing this now because they have got a better idea about the tests due in each month.

That’s why the DVSA are encouraging  vehicle operators to consider rescheduling some tests into February or March, when things will be quieter.

What can you do?

Last year, DVSA started publishing a list of MOT expiry dates for every vehicle and trailer which had an exemption.

This information is still being updated. You can check the data to see if you can identify any vehicles and trailers which may belong to your customers.

When customers contact about booking tests, you may wish to encourage them to bring certain vehicles in early, to avoid the busy months like April.