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New laws affecting vans and light goods vehicles transporting goods between the UK and EU

Red lorry on a dual carriageway

New rules will apply next year for all UK individuals and businesses operating goods vehicles to, from and between EU countries. This includes light good vehicles such as vans, on certain loaded international journeys.

Changes from February 2022:
Hauliers operating loaded goods journeys in and between European Member States will need to share information via the EU’s Internal Market Information System. This includes details of the operator, driver, job, route taken, and vehicle used.

Changes from 21 May 2022:
Operators of goods vehicles weighing over 2.5 tonnes and up to 3.5 tonnes in weight, (either alone or when used with a trailer) that travel abroad on commercial journeys for hire and reward, will need to hold a Standard International Operator Licence. To get an operator licence you will need to:

  • have a transport manager working in the business
  • provide information about the company’s financial situation and operating base in the UK
  • demonstrate that your vehicles are well maintained
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