Transport Manager responsibilities explained in 24 steps

Transport Manager checking lorry

A Transport Manager is responsible for helping to ensure that all goods and passengers reach their destinations safely. The role consists of the following duties:

  1. Brief Monthly Report (copy Operator) showing all checks undertaken by the Transport Manager in line with the Traffic Office guidelines. Any action points must be highlighted and a time scale confirmed. Copy kept and filed.
  2. Arrangements to ensure that drivers comply with driving hours, tachograph rules and within speed limits.
  3. Maintenance of the Operator’s vehicles including the inspection of vehicles at the appropriate time(s).  Record the action taken to remedy defects found.  Operator must have adequate system for remembering Maintenance Dates.
  4. Reporting and recording of vehicle defects by drivers.  System in place to address action that needs to be taken.
  5. Compilation and accurate records kept for the appropriate period of not less than 15 months.
  6. Arrangements to ensure the applicant vehicle(s) are not overloaded.
  7. Authorised vehicles will be kept at the authorised Operating Centre(s) when not in use.
  8. Ensuring good communication lines with the Operator in order that continuous and effective controls are in place.
  9. Arranging regular visits to the Operating Centre(s).
  10. All duties to be carried out in a professional way and complying at all times with VOSA Rules and Regulations.
  11. Ensure adequate systems are in place for all aspects of the responsibilities.
  12. All responsibilities undertaken will be performed in line with the professional qualification held.
  13. Any convictions must be reported to the Operator and the Traffic Office within 28 days.
  14. Where possible the Transport Manager should make effort to attend any VOSA Inspection or Public Inquiries.
  15. Any Role the Transport Manager has in Verifying Contracts and Documents, Basic Accounting or Safety Procedures in relation to the Operator Licence must be declared.
  16. Resignation from the Operator Licence should give adequate notice (minimum 1 month) provided the Operator has complied with the Terms of the Contract.
  17. The Transport Manager should be up to date on any new legislation and Traffic Office requirements.
  18. The Transport Manager must be more than just a Transport Manager in name.
  19. The Transport Manager retains legal responsibility regardless of whether his or her activities are delegated.
  20. The Transport Manager must be able to show that however infrequently vehicles return to the Operating Centre, he/she is able to & does exercise continuous and effective management of the vehicles on a day to day basis.
  21. If the Transport Manager is overridden by the operator  then the Transport Manager must give a written warning to the operator.  It that is ignored the Transport Manager is expected to resign rather than carry on when unable to perform his/her duties.
  22. Attempts to reduce the hours declared on the application form will be reported to the Traffic Commissioner.
  23. Transport manager should ensure he or she does enough work so as to be able to comply with his duties.
  24. Transport Manager would undertake any Refresher Courses at his own cost if requested by the Traffic Commissioner.
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