Operator Licence Compliance Audit

Positive solutions and advice, roadworthiness and traffic compliance and additional driver training.

Ensure safety and compliance at all times.

All new and existing Operators holding a licence should always remember that one of the most important aspects of being a “Goods Vehicle Operator” is to ensure safety and compliance at all times.

This involves keeping your drivers updated and aware of the rules and regulations. It is up to you, the Operator and your nominated Transport Manager, to be alert to this requirement; ask any of the Traffic Commissioners and they will inform you that “ignorance is not an acceptable excuse!

If you need help for when things have gone wrong, or if you feel your operation would benefit from a Compliance service, then we can tailor an ideal package that will suit your operation and budget—working alongside your Transport Management, Operations Logistics and Distribution teams.

Please get in touch ASAP to ensure your Operator Licence is running legally and protected both now and for the future.

We provide consultancy services, assistance, training workshops and advice for:

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Case study

A haulier’s vehicle had been stopped at the DVSA spot check point. The driver of the vehicle had driven 20 minutes over the allowed limit when legally required to have a break after 4.5 hours of driving.

'Tiredness can kill' road sign

As a result of this negligence:

Our action

We recruited a local Transport Manager from our team within 24 hours of been contacted by the haulier and went through in detail with them:


The haulier was not aware that the driver was over his hours, needing a break when they were stopped.

They will be forever grateful to our team for the services we provided them. We are proud to help the Haulage industry keep compliant!

Final thought

One vehicle was stopped on the roadside for a simple spot check and caused all this hard work.

For peace of mind, use our services and Transport Managers to ensure you are fully complaint, while you sit back and concentrate on the day to day running of the business and keeping your customers happy.

For further information please contact our team for an informal discussion. Call 01530 440 533 or +44 (0)7456 855 017.