Restricted Operators Licence

The logistics industry has many licence choices available, and that can quickly cause confusion. To help clear things up, this page focuses on one of the main options: a Restricted Operators Licence.

Applying for a Restricted Operators Licence

A Restricted Operators Licence application is made through the government. There are two ways this can be done:

  • Apply Via Our website
  • Apply by post

If you apply for the licence online, it can take up to seven weeks for a decision to be made. This increases to nine weeks with an application by post. Along with covering the information listed in the previous section, you also have to pay a fee for your Restricted Operators Licence application.

What if you cannot wait seven or nine weeks? If you urgently require a licence, it is possible to obtain an interim licence before you are issued with a full Restricted Operators Licence. Note: an interim licence application will only be considered by the Traffic Commissioner upon receipt of an ROL application.

How Leafe’s Logistics can help?

Getting your hands on a Restricted Operators Licence is not a quick, seamless process. It is one that requires you to meet various requirements and stick to stringent rules. The problem: if you fail to demonstrate you meet the eligibility criteria or supply the wrong information, this can result in lengthy delays and keep you off the road for longer.

Leafe’s Logistics can prevent you from going through that scenario. We can guide you through every step of the application process, giving you peace of mind with successfully getting a Restricted Operators Licence.