Tachograph Analysis & Management for HGV Operator Licence Holders

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Tachograph Analysis Management by Leafe’s Logistics
(making it simple to run your Operator’s Licence without the hassle of record keeping)

Leafe’s Logistics can manage the tachograph for you and take care of all the paperwork on your behalf.

We will keep you updated on the progress and time scale of your application change with DVSA.

Why Tachograph Analysis and Management?

DVSA are looking into Operators to see if they are reviewing their Tachorgraph’s and providing Analysis documentation at the Operating Centre. If this procedure is carried out then DVSA are aware that you are compliant in that area and are compliant with regards to your Operator undertakings that you singed for when your Operators Licence was granted.

If the Operator uses the Old paper Tacho (Pre 57 plate)

We hold professional scanning software to scan your Tacho discs and perform Tachograph Analysis which in return we give you a PDF letter to inform you if your drivers are getting infringements. You and your Drivers sign the form and put it on file in the Operating Centre which will keep you complaint. All you as the Operator will have to do is post the discs to our office and once the analysis is complete we will email the PDF to you and return the scanned discs back to your Operating Centre as you must keep the records for 15 months.

If the Operator uses the New Digital Tacho (Post 58 plate)

If you use Digital Tachograph trucks it is not an issue for us. The Operator will need to buy a download tool that we will advise you to buy from us. This will download your drivers card and vehicle data. In return its like a USB stick, you plug it into the computer, grab the files, send the files to us and we will perform the Analysis for you. We Send you the PDF’s on email for the analysis and you will need to print the documents and file the document in the Operating Centre.

  • What does Tachograph Analysis and Management cost the Operator?

    • Vehicle = £12.50 per week (£50 per month)
    • Example: Two vehicles = £25 per week (£100 per month)

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