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Operator Licence Application Costs

Leafe’s Logistics Application Assistance Fee

This is our fixed-cost fee for our complete service to assist you with your application, giving you peace of mind and enabling you to focus on your business while we deal with the paperwork.

DVSA Application Fee

This is the fee payable to DVSA to process your Operator Licence application.

DVSA Interim Licence Fee (optional)

An Interim Licence allows you to start operating your business in the while your FULL Operator Licence application is underway.

DVSA Granting Fee

If the Traffic Commissioners approve your application, you have to pay this fee before DVSA will grant the FULL Operator Licence to you.

Public Notice Fee in a local newspaper

£250 (approx)
Public notice is required in a local newspaper that meets the required criteria, costs can vary but can be up to £250. We have the draft forms which we complete for you to send to the paper for a quote.