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Getting an Operator Licence

Need help and advice with applying for an Operator Licence? We can guide you through the whole application process to make it as easy as possible.

Our fixed-cost, hassle free Operator Licence Application Service provides peace of mind that your vehicles will be on the road sooner, so you can get on with the daily running of your business.

We can also help your business with on-going Operator Licence management and compliance.

What is an operator’s licence?

For anyone that wants to operate goods vehicles within the UK, there is a legal authority they require: an operator’s licence.

The Traffic Commissioner is responsible for issuing this licence. As an independent regulator, the Traffic Commissioner is also responsible for supervising the UK’s commercial road transport industry. As a result, they have the power to take action, and potentially rescind licences when they feel holders have not met the standards they’ve set.

What types of operator’s licences are available?

It is easy to believe there is only one operator’s licence option available. However, there are three main routes you can take. These are:

  • Standard International Licence: An international licence, as you can likely gather based on the name, permits you to transport your own goods on both national and international journeys. This also includes the goods of other people.
  • Standard National Licence: A national licence allows you to transport your own goods across both the UK and abroad. However, while you are able to carry the goods of other people – whether for reward or hire – across the UK, the license doesn’t permit you to do this internationally.
  • Restricted Licence: A restricted licence does limit your options in terms of carrying goods. You can only transport your own goods across the UK and European Union. You’re also not allowed to carry the goods of others. However, there is no requirement to satisfy professional competence for a restricted licence.

Is an operator’s licence necessary?

Not every business needs to have an operator’s licence. Yet there are situations where this type of licence is required.

Do you use – or intend to use – vehicles that are above 3,500kg maximum authorised mass (MAM) for the purpose of carrying goods? If this is done for either business or trade purposes on public UK roads, you need an operator’s licence. This is applicable even if you only rent this type of vehicle for only a single day.

As for who has to hold the licence, it is the person that ‘uses’ the vehicle. This means that even if you own the vehicle, you won’t necessarily require an operator’s licence if you are not behind the wheel. The ‘user’ can be the driver that owns, leases, hires, or borrows the vehicle. Alternatively, it is the person that either controls or employs the driver.

What are the requirements for an operator’s licence?

Regardless of the type of licence you apply for, there are certain requirements you need to satisfy. These requirements include:

  • You are fit to hold a licence and are of good repute
  • Your business finances are in order
  • Vehicles can be maintained with appropriate arrangements or facilities
  • The capability for you – and your employees – to obey all licence rules

Do you require any assistance with applying for an operator’s licence?

For guidance every step of the way, we can help. Get in touch with one of our expert advisors today and ensure there are no delays or issues with getting your licence.

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We have a database full of Transport Manager details from all over the UK and so can provide fully qualified and experienced Transport Managers in your operating area.

All of our Transport Managers are experienced and qualified, holding good repute with the DVSA throughout the UK & Europe.

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