Beyond your brake test – are you as an Operator taking action?

Brake lights on a lorry

An Operator needs to ensure they regularly perform a brake test and check the testing reports as they tell you much more than whether your vehicle has passed or failed.

Reading the reports needs to be a key part of your maintenance system and you need to know what they mean. Poorly maintained brakes may result in the loss of control of a vehicle with dire consequences.

Even if your vehicle has passed the test, there may still be things you can do to identify items that may be getting worse and need dealing with before they let you down and become serious!

The government’s Moving On blog features a helpful article on this, covering these topics:
  • A key part of your maintenance system
  • Understanding the brake test report
  • The key questions to ask
  • Possible braking defects
  • Offside brake issue
  • How park brake efficiencies are tested
  • Slack adjusters
To read the article, click here.
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Brake lights on a lorry

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